Minimally invasive photonic therapies

  • Photocoagulation
  • Selective photothermolysis
  • UV laser ablation
  • Femtosecond laser ablation
  • Laser photodisruption
  • Laser microdissection
  • Laser transfection
  • Light-guided gene therapy
  • Laser tissue welding
  • Laser laparoscopy
  • Endoscopic laser surgery
  • Skin resurfacing by laser and high power lamps
  • Laser hair removal
  • Low power laser treatments
  • Laser-activation of endogenous and exogenous chromophores
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Photothermal therapy
  • Photochemical therapy
  • Laser-assisted nanomedicine

For more detailed information please consult the P4L database.

Case study: Laser welding of biological tissues

Laser welding in eye surgery

  • Already in the clinical phase for use in the transplant of the cornea
  • Pulsed or CW diode laser welding in association with the topical application of a laser-absorbing dye
  • Applied to induce closure of corneal cuts and adhesion of corneal grafs
  • Reduced postoperative astigmatism
Laser welding in  eye surgery

Laser welding in micro vascular surgery

  • Preclinical studies in animal models
  • Anastomosis of small caliber vessels (both arteries and veins)
  • Application in bypass surgery of the carotid artery to reduce the occlusion time and minimise the risk of brain damage
  • Less trombogenic than conventional sutures
  • Minimal foreign body reaction and better healing process
Laser welding in  micro vascular surgery

Tissue welding by laser activation of new nanochromphores

  • Preclinical ex vivo studies
  • Synthesis of gold nanorods absorbing light in the near infrared (700-900 nm)
  • Biocompatible coating with PEG and Silica
  • Diode laser welding of collagen tissues using Nano Rods as photo enhancing chromophores
  • Perspectives of nanopaticle fuctionalisation
Tissue welding by laser activation of new nanochromphores