Microfabrication technologies for biophotonic applications with miniaturized optical components and highly integrated optofluidic systems

  • electron beam writing to master sub-micron optical and fluidic structures
  • UV lithography for the prototyping of micro-fluidic structures
  • UV exposure for integrated waveguide and fluid channel fabrication
  • X-ray lithography and deep proton writing for fabrication of high aspect ratio micro-optical and micro-fluidic structures and there combinations
  • Dip-pen lithography for nano-sized structure patterning and local immobilization
  • Assembly and packaging methods to build up complex biophotonic systems
  • Replication methods like injection moulding or hot embossing
  • Nano imprint for low-cost replication of opto-fluidic components and systems
  • Blow moulding for inner surface patterning of fluid channels

For more detailed information please consult the P4L database.