Name Category Type Expert(s) Research Group
Avasha GmbH Fabrication and enabling technologies Fabrication Avasha
Spectral measurement set-ups for safety and quality monitoring of food. Biophotonic techniques Exploiting Meulebroeck Wendy VUB
Chemometric Analysis Biophotonic techniques Diagnosing Bocklitz Thomas , Schumacher Wilm , Rösch Petra IPHT
Spectral sensors with Double Array principle Fabrication and enabling technologies Fabrication riesenberg rainer , Wuttig Andreas IPHT
Single Molecule Detection Biophotonic techniques Understanding van Hulst Niek F. , Subramaniam Vinod ICFO
Time-resolved spectrofluorometer exploiting supercontinuum generation Biophotonic techniques Understanding French Paul , Dunsby Chris , Manning Hugh , Kennedy Gordon Imperial